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No New Posts Staffroom

Where us Staff come and hang out and talk among each other. If your not a staff member and you can see this, let an admin know so we can fix it!

32 390
No New Posts Important Information

New members come here first. Inside you will find everything you need to know about Fable and the website!

Also includes Moderator Jobs Available and Site News

Sub-boards: Site News, How To Play Albion Tales, Moderator Jobs Available

20 247 Job Applications [Form Inside]
by Waylon
Jun 18, 2013 16:53:05 GMT
No New Posts Character Information

This is where everyone must go to create a new character, get rid of an old one, or to update their journal.

Sub-boards: Character Adoption, Accepted Applications

86 205 Exefig
by Hawk
Jul 4, 2013 16:19:59 GMT

Village Shops

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No New Posts Weapons

Come here for the finest weapons in all of Albion.

Sub-boards: Standard, Strong, Legendary

3 3 Legendary Weapons On Sale
by Hawk
Oct 7, 2009 15:16:44 GMT
No New Posts Clothing

Getting tired of your scruffy clothes? Then you have come to the right place.

2 2 Kitchen Suppliers
by cintabunda444
Sept 1, 2012 1:50:14 GMT
No New Posts Potions

Stocked full with a variety of different potions to help you in your travles.

1 1 Potions On Sale
by Hawk
Oct 16, 2009 20:42:31 GMT
No New Posts Miscellaneous

Where everything else is sold.

1 1 Miscellaneous Items On Sale
by Hawk
Oct 16, 2009 21:04:03 GMT
No New Posts Item Suggestions

Here you can give suggestions on items that you want to see in any part of the shop.

1 63 Item Suggestions
by Waylon
Mar 30, 2011 20:30:21 GMT

The Guild

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No New Posts The Grounds

The area leading up to and around the magnificent Guild. Be careful, there are alot of beetles out there!

Sub-boards: Training Grounds, The Guild Woods

10 104 [Q] Beetle Juice
by Chef
Jan 18, 2012 22:48:09 GMT
No New Posts The Guild

The strong and breathtaking, Guild building is just beyond those tall oaken doors. Go inside and have a look around.

Sub-boards: The Map of Albion, The Guild Spell-Smith , The Library, The Ancient Archives, The Chamber of Fate, The Mess Hall, The Guildmaster's Office, Past Quests

46 247 The War Of The Guild
by Waylon
Apr 3, 2014 23:17:58 GMT


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No New Posts The Gates of Bowerstone

The large, imposing, walls of Bowerstone rest before you, and the tall gate that keeps it all hidden....

Sub-board: Workplace Centre

27 94 Under control (OPEN)
by Exefig
Jul 16, 2013 11:24:45 GMT
No New Posts Bowerstone North Well Known Status and up Only

The rich and affluent reside inside this gated community and they are usually not to keen to allow others inside.

Sub-boards: Bowerstone North Square, Bowerstone North Market, Grey Mansion, The North Mansion, The Stone Fortress, Bowerstone Dungeon Unsung Status and up Only, Headman's Hill

10 48 The Red Barrel [Op1]
by Town Guard
Jan 31, 2012 22:42:36 GMT
No New Posts The Market Square

A hustle and bustle of people mark the beginings of the shopping area of the town.

Bank accounts inside

Sub-boards: Bowerstone Bank, The Streets of Bowerstone, The Sandgoose

31 108 Come and play with us at Openmu! :)
by Looking for fun?
May 22, 2017 11:23:51 GMT
No New Posts Town of Bowerstone South

A bright, cheerful place that is a bit poorer than it's dearly neighbor, Bowerstone North.

Sub-boards: Bowerstone Square, The Schoolhouse, The Billboard

14 75 [OPEN] Attack
by Exefig
Oct 15, 2013 0:57:32 GMT
No New Posts The Slums

Nestled off in the corner are the slums of Bowerstone. The poor and the unfortunate reside here, but the rent is cheap!

Sub-boards: 420 Cobblestone Road, 500 Cobblestone Road, The Octagon Shack, Forgotton Dungeon Unsung Status and up Only

25 138 [Quest] Bowerstone Justice
by John Smythe
Apr 8, 2012 23:51:50 GMT
No New Posts Bowerstone Quay

Ships seeking to trade dock here, but it seems to attract some unsavory characters.

Sub-boards: The Haunted Ship, Bowerstone Graveyard

14 130 Violent winds.
by Messenger
Nov 21, 2011 19:08:48 GMT
No New Posts Homes of Bowerstone South

A nice collection of homes house this part of the civilians in Bowerstone. At least it's better than the Slums.

Sub-boards: 240 Main Lane, 300 Main Lane, The West Innery

6 61 Rio's Thievery [Take 1]
by Daygon
Dec 20, 2011 16:11:52 GMT
No New Posts Bowerstone Sewers

A maze of sewers runs deep below the city of Bowerstone. Murky green water filled with waste oozes steadily through... Try not to fall in, it'll be a while before you get the smell off yourself!

2 36 Journey [OPEN]
by Enigma
Jul 15, 2012 12:56:20 GMT

Bowerstone Outskirts

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No New Posts Gibbet Woods

A very small area surrounded by trees. Watch out for the bandit traps!

Sub-board: Bandit Toll Camp Unsung Status and up Only

4 38 Hunting!
by Waylon
Feb 10, 2011 20:01:15 GMT
No New Posts Headsman's Hill

A place where hangings take place and evil Bowerstone guards stay at.

Sub-boards: The Hanging Tree, Desolate Prisoners Cage, Thunder's Cave/Dungeon Unsung Status and up Only

7 51 [Q] Catch the Thief!
by Hawk
May 17, 2012 21:04:50 GMT
No New Posts Lychfield Graveyard

The largest graveyard in all of Albion sits here. Which also means it has the largest population of undead!

Sub-boards: The Gravekeeper's House, The Graveyard, Demon Door to Bargate Familiar Status and up Only

6 33 Happy Halloween [Chilling Story]
by Waylon
Nov 1, 2010 15:32:05 GMT
No New Posts Bargate Prison Familiar Status and up Only

The largest prison ever created, it conceals law breakers and the innocent. Nobody has ever escaped this torture prison.

Sub-boards: Demon Door Exit, Hidden Docks, The Kraken Pit, The Court-Yard, Secret Tourture Chamber, The Deputy's Office

16 93 Shadow solved the riddle
by Shadow
Sept 25, 2011 19:48:10 GMT


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Crossroads

Here, at the sign of the creepy old guy, you must decide which direction to go.

4 9 Clossing in
by Exefig
Jul 15, 2013 7:42:20 GMT
No New Posts Greatwood Picnic Area

After a long hard day on the battlefield, why not take break at the local picnic area?
Watch out for wasps!

1 8 Breakfast
by Nic Caine
Jan 10, 2010 21:22:07 GMT
No New Posts The Woods

The edge of the forest is dark and cold. Enter if you dare. Bandits and Rogues are known to stalk the shadows for potential "benefactors".

Sub-boards: Lumberjack House, Greatwood Dungeon Unsung Status and up Only, Bushy Demon Door

22 211 First day of adventure
by Exefig
Jul 15, 2013 6:34:47 GMT
No New Posts Small Bandit Camp Unsung Status and up Only

If you can get past the toll booth you'll find a little bandit camp on the other side. Hey these bandits aren't that tough!

2 72 [Q] Infiltration
by Gregar
Apr 19, 2010 20:07:24 GMT
No New Posts Rose Cottage

A tiny little cottage in the middle of no where. Seems innocent enough.

1 3 Meditation
by animus
Jan 23, 2010 19:12:50 GMT
No New Posts Orchard Farms

This place has an incessant problem with Hobbes, but all those apples sure do make it smell pretty.

1 1 "Borrowing"
by Pilgrim
Jan 9, 2010 18:18:20 GMT

Country Side

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Mountains

Several large mountains block the beautiful view, you may pass over or through them.

Sub-board: Mountain Dungeon Unsung Status and up Only

8 182 The Purple Valley Tavern
by Buck
Jan 26, 2012 13:32:12 GMT
No New Posts Grassland

Several acres of clean, untouched fields are here waiting for you.

Sub-boards: The Keystone Inn, 3 acres of fields, 8 acres of fields, 10 acres of field, Farmhouse and 12 acres of fields

8 45 The Next Chapter
by Carlin Lucian
Nov 4, 2013 12:02:51 GMT
No New Posts Red Rose Farm

A beautiful farm which harvests fruit and vegetables.

Sub-board: Rosey Demon Door

5 25 [Quest] - The Screams of Red Rose
by Carlin Lucian
Jan 22, 2014 10:42:51 GMT

Darkwood Familiar Status and up Only

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Swamp

A murky swamp with handy wooden planks to walk across with, try not to get pushed in by Hobbes!

Sub-board: Swamp Dungeon

5 22 The Swamp Dungeon!
by Deimos
Jun 18, 2011 0:15:12 GMT
No New Posts Hobbe Cave

A dark scary cave filled with man-eating monsters is the entrance to another dark scary place filled with more man-eating monsters. Watch your head.

5 57 The Blue Mushroom [OPEN]
by The Darkness
Apr 8, 2012 23:45:15 GMT
No New Posts The Dark Woods

One of the darkest woods in all of Albion. Evil monsters roam freely here, but you must also worry about the evil people that swarm the place. Also where the region gets its name!

Sub-boards: The Darkwood Bordello, The Temple of Skorm, The Darkwood River, The Balverine Lair, The Darkwood Knoll, Demon Door

20 120 A New Evil comes Hither
by Absilius
Dec 3, 2013 8:37:08 GMT
No New Posts Forgotten Cave

Hidden behind a mound of grass and reeds the entrance is hidden by a rotting wooden door.

2 23 Enigma's Delivery
by Enigma
Jan 23, 2012 16:02:59 GMT
No New Posts Trader's Campsite

A small collection of seedy traders and weary travelers in one of the only safe places in the woods. Well... safe-ish.

Sub-boards: Darkwood Shop, Darkwood Tent, Darkwood Shack

5 45 Moving Up
by Hawk
Dec 23, 2010 13:27:21 GMT
No New Posts Strange Tomb

A strange tomb seems to have appeared in the centre of Darkwood overnight. It emanates the same poem in a disturbing, dark whisper.

1 1 Whispers
by The Darkness
Mar 18, 2012 1:21:29 GMT

Barrow Fields Unsung Status and up Only

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Cliffs

The grey stone cliff that overlooks Barrow's field is very steep. Be careful not to fall.

Sub-boards: The Cliffs, Cliffridge Cottage

3 22 [Q] - Barrow Fields Pillagers
by Griff Trevin
Sept 19, 2010 20:35:22 GMT
No New Posts The Sparkling Forest

The Sparkling Forest was named such for it bright silver trees. It lies just off of Barrow's Field.

Sub-boards: The Forest, Forest Shack

1 9 An Unexpected Accident [Quest]
by Pilgrim
May 11, 2012 6:46:35 GMT
No New Posts Barrow Field Village

A small area of farms, huts, and trader tents. Nothing is more appealing after Darkwood.

3 9 Carrots for Sale!
by Messenger
Mar 10, 2014 21:12:56 GMT
No New Posts Riverside

The river of Barrow's Field is one of the most breathtaking sites in Albion. Take a quick break beside it and feel your worries fall away.

Sub-boards: The River, The Green Tent, Riverside Demon Door

5 51 Sunny Day [OPEN]
by Buck
Mar 4, 2012 18:15:21 GMT
No New Posts The Fields

The numerous fields of Barrow's Field are often credited with feeding Albion. The peasants can still be seen toiling in the field.

1 1 Help Me!
by Man
Oct 5, 2010 19:11:14 GMT
No New Posts The Grey Manor

The Grey Manor was once an abandoned, dark, and frightening place filled with the Undead. It still is but now the mayor of Barrow's Field lives there.

Sub-board: Grey Manor Dungeon Familiar Status and up Only

3 22 Dungeon Adventure
by Shadow
Oct 9, 2011 20:53:56 GMT


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Beach

A light, sandy shore where many come to spend sunsets or sunrises. Also the loading dock for businesses.

Sub-boards: 200 Beach Path, 300 Beach Path

6 67 Rebirth
by Pilgrim
Apr 29, 2012 20:37:43 GMT
No New Posts Oakvale Road

The long cobblestone road that leads from Barrow's Field to Oakvale.

3 12 Well this look's familiar
by Buck
Apr 3, 2012 18:27:16 GMT
No New Posts Town of Oakvale

A small picturesque town with a few shops, a fight club and a bar!

Sub-boards: The Bridge, Town Square, The Beach, Forgotten Trail, Oakvale Demon Door

18 299 Out of luck again.
by Buck
May 2, 2012 22:16:46 GMT
No New Posts The Oakvale Cemetary

A quiet place where most of the dead come to rest. The living are also welcome.

Sub-boards: The Cemetary, The Dead, Tombstone Dungeon Familiar Status and up Only

4 28 Heroes of Old
by Pilgrim
Mar 8, 2016 0:07:41 GMT
No New Posts Oakvale Homes

The homes of the citizens of Oakvale are a mixture between rich and rickety.

Sub-boards: Mayors Home, 600 Oakvale Road, 623 Oakvale Road, The Oak Abode

5 15 The Winds of Change
by Griff Trevin
Jun 15, 2011 22:06:20 GMT

The Bandit Camp

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Steep Path

A slopping path that is crowded by Bandits. Only possible destination is the fabled Bandit Camp.

5 79 His Last Goodbye
by Griff Trevin
Jun 16, 2013 0:03:30 GMT
No New Posts Fortified Gates

All who wish to enter the bandit camp MUST come through here in order to gain entry!

9 69 New Entry Sign
by Magpie
Dec 20, 2011 23:35:18 GMT
No New Posts The Bandit's Camp

A tall wall surrounds the place. It is filled with the scum of the earth and is comprised of tents. These people only hope of being promoted.


Sub-boards: 1st Tier - Map of Albion, The Bandit Tents, Fist Fighters Club

47 198 Fearsome Bandit King!
by Waylon
Jun 18, 2013 21:35:03 GMT
No New Posts The Bandit's Camp (2nd Tier)

The gated section for the best of the bandit warriors. Their homes and provisions are much better then the underlings.

Sub-boards: 2nd Tier - Map of Albion, The Bandit Shacks

8 19 Beginners Quests
by Waylon
May 1, 2012 16:55:01 GMT
No New Posts The Bandit's Camp (3rd Tier)

The third and final tier of the Bandit Camp. The richest commanders reside here, along with the best food and the strongest Assassins.

Sub-boards: 3rd Tier - The Map of Albion, The Screaming Liver, The Bandit Homes, The Bell Yards

11 32
No New Posts Hidden Port

This is a secret port which leads into the mountain right underneath the Bandit Camp. Only Bandits know of this port and the right way through the hidden rocks buried beneath the ocean.

5 9 The Skilled Rat
by Tobias
Dec 2, 2010 22:51:57 GMT

Witchwood Recognized Status and up Only

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Witchwood Forest

A dark and frightening place filled with Balverines and other creatures. Enjoy your stay.

11 73 Bag of gold BURIED!
by Waylon
Jun 2, 2011 23:16:50 GMT
No New Posts The Circle of Stones

A small collection of large boulders in a circle mark this clearing in the woods.

Sub-board: Eerie Demon Door

7 117 Too Easy
by Deimos
Jan 4, 2011 15:06:31 GMT
No New Posts Witchwood Lake

A dark black lake in the center of Witchwood. Some say it is black because of all the Balverine blood that has been spilled. Others, because of the lost souls stuck inside. Some think those theories are ridiculous and point out it is black mud. Whatever.

Sub-boards: Witchwood Lake, The Temple of Avo

8 135 [Q] - The White Balverine
by Avo's Disciple
Dec 7, 2011 13:18:31 GMT
No New Posts The Arena Famous Status and up Only

Are you ready for the most vicious fight of your life? Then enter now!
Also come and watch these stupid people die for gold... You know you want to really ;)

Sub-boards: Path leading up to The Arena, The Arenas Grounds, Title Vendor, The Arena Entrance, Way to the stands

14 152 A Worthy Crew [OPEN]
by Hawk
Jun 8, 2013 17:53:30 GMT

Knothole Glade

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Outposts

These outposts are placed close to each other through the region of Knothole to warn the village of any danger approaching the village. Constant signalling is done to ensure that all outposts are secure

2 8 Taking Advantage: Leaked Information
by Alex
Dec 3, 2010 21:01:21 GMT
No New Posts The Wall

A tall wall built out of Witchwood trees. This surrounds the entire encampment of Knothole Glade and protects them from Balverines.

11 127 [OPEN] Taking Advantage
by Hawk
Aug 18, 2011 18:45:05 GMT
No New Posts Knothole Glade Village

A small tribal town where the inhabitants wear very little clothing and even less fear.

Sub-boards: The Statue, The Tribal Hall

21 97 A Chief's Tomb
by Absilius
Dec 17, 2013 20:27:07 GMT
No New Posts The Mud Paths

These regions of Knothole are riddled with slimy paths and wet shrubs. A clearing marks the meeting of these sludgy roads.

Sub-boards: 50 Marsh Path, 100 Marsh Path

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Knothole Glade Market

A large bustling area where the tribe trades goods and services.

Sub-boards: Balverines and Beer, Knothole Glade Spell-Smith

4 87 Earning a living
by Daygon
Nov 5, 2013 11:18:38 GMT
No New Posts Homes of Knothole Glade

The citizens of Knothole all need some where to sleep. Why not in these elaborate pointy houses?

Sub-boards: The House of the Chief, 100 Pine Road, 200 Pine Road, Pine Mansion

4 4 The New Chief
by Magpie
Nov 29, 2010 16:32:51 GMT

Hook Coast

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Hook Coast Village

A small forgotten town near the sea. The people are friendly just watch out for the many creatures that prowl the street.

3 3 The eventual assassination of little Emily
by Grog Drinkwater
Aug 6, 2010 1:45:26 GMT
No New Posts Hook Coast Market

For year the people of Hook Coast had no one to trade with. Now that they do, shops have sprung up all over the place.

Sub-board: The Kraken Inn

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Hook Coast Homes

The villagers of Hook Coast enjoy large, slightly drab, houses that protect them from the sea air.

Sub-boards: The Mayor's Home, 650 Bay Road, 700 Bay Road, The Kraken's Lair

1 1 A Sound Invesment
by Carlin Lucian
Nov 3, 2010 9:50:51 GMT
No New Posts The Lighthouse

An ancient lighthouse that once told seafarers where the land was. Now it is filled with mystery and monsters.

Sub-board: Demon Door

2 9 Thieves Guild: Home Sweet Home..
by animus
Jan 16, 2010 19:21:41 GMT
No New Posts Abbey Ruins

This place use to house an ancient abbey long ago when the ship of the drowned was still used. Some say that magic still lingers here.

Sub-boards: 400 Abbey Path, 450 Abbey Path

1 2 The Plan
by Waylon
Feb 13, 2011 18:44:21 GMT
No New Posts The Pier

A large dock where ships use to set sail. Now it is used for gossip and weddings.

4 44 The Reverted Contracts
by Messenger
Aug 4, 2011 9:09:40 GMT

Snowspire Village

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Frozen Sea

A sea of ice and snow are the great obstacles that await those sailing to Snowspire.

3 25 The Twin Swords
by Magpie
Jan 18, 2013 0:33:24 GMT
No New Posts The Icy Mountains

After landing on the island, visitors are met with a group of steep, slick mountains that they must cross to get to Snowspire.

1 1 Protection and Fate
by desmond
Oct 29, 2009 18:02:52 GMT
No New Posts The Snowy Pass

You have gotten pass the hazards of the mountains but now you have to worry about Ice Trolls and White Balverines.

1 9 Q: Entering the Dreamscape (Killers Beginning)
by Selena Darkheart
Jan 9, 2010 22:28:55 GMT
No New Posts Snowspire Village

A quaint town in the middle of a hectic and dangerous place.

Sub-boards: The Front Gates, The Street of Snowspire, The Oracle, Snowspire Mansion

3 91 On Patrol [Open to all]
by Rio Swindle
Jun 28, 2011 21:34:04 GMT
No New Posts Snowspire Marketplace

The Snowspire Village Market has many shops and plenty of things to buy.

2 2 The Mages Circle (OPEN)
by Nic Caine
Jan 21, 2010 0:05:30 GMT
No New Posts Snowspire Barns

These barns are situated at the back of the village used for storing produce and other goods.

Sub-boards: 123 Ice Street, 153 Ice Street

2 86 Snowspire's Secret [OPEN TO ALL]
by Waylon
Jun 4, 2011 19:32:46 GMT
No New Posts Snowspire Homes

The sweet and warm homes of Snowspire are nestled all throughout the town.

Sub-boards: 456 Snowy Lane, 496 Snowy Lane, Ice Grove

3 70 An Icy Acquisition
by Carlin Lucian
Dec 8, 2010 9:33:15 GMT

Northern Wastes Well Known Status and up Only

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Foot Hills

A long steep path leading up to the Northern Wastes.
Mind you don't slip on the ice or get killed by Minions.

Sub-board: Demon Door Cave Quest

2 2 Drivers De Video Compaq 18-2003la Windows 7 31
by malvedarc
Dec 17, 2013 20:22:13 GMT
No New Posts Necropolis

Necropolis is an ancient ghost town with its dead residents still going about their day-to-day lives. Some say they don't know they died!

4 62 Winner takes all
by Magpie
Nov 1, 2011 18:19:56 GMT
No New Posts Archon's Shrine

Archon, the saviour of Albion created this hundreds of years ago. Nobody knows what it is for.

1 2 now to begin
by The Archeologist
Dec 13, 2009 20:47:35 GMT
No New Posts Archon's Folly Famous Status and up Only

Rumored to be the final resting place of Archon. The locals stay away from this, it is fabled that once opened the end of the world will come.

4 161 Opening
by Magpie
Feb 22, 2012 3:49:25 GMT

Off Topic

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Hobbes Head

The main centre for albions most famous (and only) newsletter!
post here your ideas, drawings etc :P

Sub-boards: Staff board, Announcements, Features, Competitions

8 22 We're Back!!
by Nic Caine
Jun 26, 2010 2:46:26 GMT
No New Posts Weekly Polls

Which game is more popular? Do you prefer Sci Fi over Fantasy? Participate in our polls to make your opinion known.

Sub-boards: Weekly Polls, Weekly Polls

29 339 Week 1- Who is your favourite character?
by Magpie
Jan 27, 2012 20:28:38 GMT
No New Posts Albion Tales Area

Here you can speak about anything to do with Albion Tales, ranging from site suggestion to 'why the hell did you shoot me?' threads.

62 332 What would Waylon Really do
by Waylon
Mar 11, 2014 0:04:37 GMT
No New Posts Random Area

In here you can write about anything that has nothing to do with Albion Tales.
No Advertising Sites

by Waylon
Oct 25, 2013 22:02:50 GMT
No New Posts Game Area

Come here and post your favorite forum games!

6 93 Red Dead Redemption
by Magpie
Dec 19, 2011 21:02:10 GMT
No New Posts Graphic Area

Wanna show off your art skill? Or do ya want to help others by making them avatars and signatures if they ask for them? Well come here and show us what ya got!

13 91 KYOU KARA ORE WA!! Drawings! (Sort of)
by Hawk
Oct 17, 2011 13:07:16 GMT
No New Posts Advertisement Area

Come and post here if ya want to show us your site. This is the only place here you can advertise!!!

Guest Friendly!

Sub-board: Our Advert

56 124 AbaddonCity.com |18+|
by AbaddonCityKnave
Feb 21, 2015 21:58:40 GMT


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